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Creating The Decentralised Exchange of the Future

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The way the platform works can be described in 4 easy steps.

1TrustBar is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to swop tokens from one blockchain to another.

2The exchange enables cross-chain token exchanges with a single click, through one transaction and on a decentralised exchange. No existing decentralised exchange currently offers this kind of functionality.

3TrustBar’s protocol is built on multiple blockchains and uses a smart matching engine to match trades.


4All TrustBar token holders will receive a monthly dividend from the profits that are generated from the TrustBar exchange.



TrustBar is a decentralized exchange that allows for cross chain token exchanges and dynamic pairing. Dynamic pairing lets the user select any token pair combination for faster token swapping. The Liquidity Lake will further enhance the user experience by always providing a base price thereby enabling seamless instant conversions for any token combinations.


Empowering customers so that they are in control of their wallets. All movement of funds will require end user cryptographic signatures. Each end user will always remain in control and have full custody of their tokens. We are also exploring various user friendly one-click two factor authentication solutions to further enhance end user security.

Profit Share

All holders of 2000 or more TrustBar tokens (Community of Holders) as of the 1st of every month will receive a share of the profits. Profits will be distributed in NEO. Community of Holders' members will also trade for free on the TrustBar platform and pay no commission. Discounted fees will also be available to community members with more than 500 tokens.

Road Map03

31 Jul. 2018

Proof of concept

31 Aug. 2018


1 Oct. 2018

Crowd sale

15 Nov. 2018

Liquidity Lake - Beta release

30 Nov. 2018

Develop operating model & governance

15 Dec. 2018

Beta desktop version

31 Jan. 2019

Mobile application

Token Sale04

The TrustBar token sale will take place in August 2018. Only 180-million tokens will be issued, of which 108-million tokens will be offered via the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The TrustBar tokens will run on the Neo blockchain and the number of tokens will be limited and will not increase.

The token distribution allocation will be divided or split into 60% for the ICO, 20% for team incentives, 10% to the founding team, 2% for advisors and 8% to the community.

The token sale will be utilised to fund the following activities:

• 55% of proceeds will go towards operations and development, which will entail building the TrustBar platform and integrating into the various blockchains and wallets.

• 20% of proceeds will go towards marketing, which will include the branding, promotion and education of the TrustBar platform to attract users.

• 15% of proceeds will go towards establishing partnerships.

• 5% will be used for legal costs.

• 5% will be kept in reserve.

ICO Token SupplyTeamFoundationAdvisorsCommunity60%20%10%2%8%

Token Distribution%

  • ICO Token Supply60
  • Team20
  • Foundation10
  • Advisors2
  • Community8
ReservesPartnershipsLegal5%15%5%Operations & DevelopmentMarketing55%20%

Fund Allocation%

  • Operations & Development55
  • Marketing20
  • Partnerships15
  • Legal5
  • Reserves5

As an added incentive, all qualified TrustBar token holders will receive a monthly dividend from the profits that are generated from the TrustBar exchange. All holders of the TrustBar token as at the last day of the month will qualify for the dividend. All dividends will be paid in Neo to the wallets of the holders. Any tokens that are not sold during the pre-sale and crowd-sale will be paid out to the Community of Holders (CoH) over a period of 60 months. To qualify as a CoH you need to be holding 2 000 or more tokens, one month after the end of crowd-sale.


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